How to create offline TPK or VTPK maps? Need help

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Hello friends of Esri,

I am fairly new to  ArcGIS and it's posisble I have the wrong services. I have been heavily searching all over the place to create some offline maps, for when I am in a scenario with no internet. I have no issue implementing and displaying an online basemap, or an offline tpk map (supplied from somewhere else).

My issue is that I am creating maps on the ArcGIS online, and I am saving them. I am then setting them for offline use, and then using the GenerateOfflineMap to save them. 

The issue is:

1.) The download button doesn't even show once I successfully create a SMALL map.

2.) The TPK maps I am generating can only be so big, which are very very small, thus making them useless to me.

Do I need to ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS pro to make a map, that I can then save and download as a tpk file?

I feel like this shouldn't be that complicated. Maybe I am approaching the situation the wrong way, but the README for generateofflinebasemap doesn't make much sense, imo.

Can anyone just tell me, what's the easiest way to create a map, let's say, the City of Huntsville, AL, or the general area. I don't even need any type of services where I need to add layers of things. I just need the map, so I can add my own objects and paste via lat/long for tracking, etc.

I'm sorry if I sound like a rookie, but I don't need ArcGIS for anything but an offline map, and I have been stuck for awhile. 




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Hi @ArmandoGarcia3 


Can you confirm that you have followed the steps mentioned in the documentation here:

Also, download button will only appear if all the conditions are met.

I'll suggest that you try to create an offline capable map with just a single layer. Get familiar with the process and the requirements. Then move to your production web map.




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