After Sync, can no longer access map layers

07-17-2019 10:42 AM
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I am almost positive this has something to do with upgrading to 100.5 and the Q_Object parenting for map being changed (, with that said i have made adjustments for this (at least i thought i did). When I go to my login page and sync everything is fine, but if i return to my map it doesnt allow me to use it. My mouse clicks are being seen by the application per debugging but nothing happens in the application itself. However, if I close the app entirely after syncing and then reopen it, i can use everything once again. I have tried reloading my geodatabase, calling the map again after sync, etc. By the way I am using Qt12.3 or Qt13.0, and while syncing is online the map is used offline hence the geodatabase. ANY ideas are welcome!!!! Thank you!

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Hi Chandra Waller. Can you please provide us with a bit more information so we can help?

What are you trying to do, specifically that's not working? You mentioned mouse clicks, so are you identifying layers?

With respect to the QObject parent topic you referenced, nothing should've changed in that area. We're just documenting it better now so it's clearer to folks what is happening.

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