[WINDOWS] module "Esri.ArcGISRuntime" is not installed

07-13-2021 09:56 AM
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I had an installation hiccup when trying to go from macOS to Windows. The SDK was installed and I could build against it with qmake finding the ArcGIS `.pri` file. However, upon running I got a `module "Esri.ArcGISRuntime" is not installed` failure. 

I noticed that Qt Creator in macOS showed ArcGIS as an option when creating new projects, but the Qt Creator on Windows did not. This pointed toward a failed installation.

  • I tried reinstalling from the download, but no joy.
  • I found the .exe file which was unpacked from the download, and tried that directly. Again, no joy.
  • Finally, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the SDK. This solved the problem. New Project shows the ArcGIS category, and my program no longer fails to run.

It's all resolved now, just posting this here in case others have a similar issue.

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