UniqueValueRenderer on GUID fields doesn't work

04-16-2015 01:31 AM
New Contributor II

Have anyone been using ArcGIS UniqueValueRenderer on attribute fields of type GUID?

I've created a UniqueValueRenderer that has a default symbol. If I do:



renderer.Fields.Add("textfield"); // Field of type text 

it works as expected. The features are rendered with the default symbol. (I haven't added any specific values to the UniqueValuesInfoCollection yet).

But if I change the code to:

renderer.Fields.Add("guidfield"); // Field of type GUID 

the output is blank.. None of the features are being displayed. Seems like the code crashes or something, producing no result for the map to display. I've looked at the log files on the server, but haven't found anything there..

Anyone have a clue what might be wrong?

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