Token:ExpirationDate not honored

06-17-2019 01:20 PM
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We have a long running process that has been setup to use the rest API from a Runtime application.  Everything works fine as long as the process takes less than an hour.  When it takes more the token expires and things crash.  When I get the token the Token::ExpirationDate is set to 6 hours from the time it is requested.  However, it expires in one hour.

I have gone into portal to change from the default time to being 10 hours just to be sure that it was not associated to this.  It was set at default (-1) which from documentation should be far longer than 6 hours (from what I read it seems it should be 2 weeks).

We use IWA for our authentication, so I don't know if this is associated to IWA and if there is something specific that needs to be done because of that.



Morten Nielsen

Michael Branscomb

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