Sharing Runtime Content with multiple Geodatabase Source Files

11-05-2014 08:36 AM
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I was attempting to share a MXD for Runtime Content. The MXD is referencing two different File Geodatabases. I run the Analyze function and no errors or warnings show up. When I execute the share, it processes for a while and then returns the following message:

"The map or one of its layers has properties not supported in runtime content."

When I add the table from one geodatabase to the the other and then share, the content is created as expected.

When creating Runtime content, are multiple geodatabase files not supported? If not, it seems to me the analyze should report this as unsupported.

Thanks for any guidance here...

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Hi Joel,

A little late, but I was doing some troubleshooting of my own, and came across this from the resource center: Runtime content does not support data layers from multiple workspaces; therefore, all of the layers in the map document must belong to the same workspace.

So data from different geodatabases is a no go. Same goes for data from different feature datasets.

I agree, this should probably be caught in the 'Analyze' process...

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Though not completely related to your situation I found I also received the same error message which had a different cause and solution.  Hopefully this will help someone.

For me, this message occurred when generating Runtime content where the map contained feature classes that had names beginning with an underscore.  After I renamed the feature classes in the geodatabase (removing the preceding _ ) and re-adding them to my MXD I was able to generate the .geodatabase file successfully.

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