Setting vertical offset for SLPK layer in ArcGIS Runtime .NET sdk?

01-03-2019 04:27 AM
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I recently started development of an app using ArcGIS Runtime dot net SDK (WPF). I have an issue related to the the elevation offset for scene layer package (slpk).

When I load my slpk layer to ArcGIS Online it overlays above the ground. but in ArcGIS Online I can set the elevation offset that corrects the vertical position of the model.

Now if I use the portal item or ArcGIS Online service in dot net WPF app it works fine because my model has been published with an offset.

But i want to load my slpk file local path, and I am unable to find any such option to set the offset value for ground overlay.

Uri _serviceUri = new System.Uri(@"D:\Projects\test\lod75.slpk"); ArcGISSceneLayer sceneLayer = new ArcGISSceneLayer(_serviceUri); myScene.OperationalLayers.Add(sceneLayer);#
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Unfortunately ArcGIS Runtime does not honor offset on a scene layer in a web scene or expose a property to set the offset for a scene layer, but this is in our backlog to support in an upcoming release.  

A couple questions when you get the chance:
1) What type of scene layer are you using (3d object, integrated mesh, point cloud, point...)?
2) How are you creating the SLPK?
3) Can you share the scene service and/or portal item you have created with the offset?


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Thanks Rex Hansen for your reply. Can you please help us in knowing that how arcgis online apply the offset to the slpk. Is it some arcgis server side operation or some client side rendering. 

we don't have a way to shared the scene layer with you right now, as it's not an online service. 



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