selection colour in graphicoverlay

06-09-2020 11:09 PM
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Hi there am developing a WPF application usingARCGIS RUNTIME SDK.NET,my scenario is i want to change the colours for the graphics,when selected display in blue,when hover on graphic it in yellow,its already stored it will be green colour ,this way i want to display any suggestions, to show on the graphicoverlay ,for your visual i had attachement for refernce

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Hi Balaji. I have a couple of suggestions that should help.

1. For changing the selection color, try changing the selection properties color of your MapView.

2. For hovering behavior, try using the MouseMoveEvent. When the mouse moves, you can call IdentifyGraphicsOverlayAsync to find the graphics the mouse position is over.

We have a sample for identifying graphics.

We use the MouseMove event in this sample.

3. For the "Mediterranean Sea" popup, you can use the ShowCalloutAt method.

I hope that this is helpful.


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thanks jack,yes i agree with you,but my requirement not fulfill those ,i had modified the things like ,i had change the symbol color,by selected graphic,now am good with behavior of application is in expected way.. 

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