SceneView change pitch with 2 fingers while keeping

04-19-2020 12:16 AM
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Hi, I am working in Xamarin and when I drag 2 fingers vertically in a SceneView I would like the camera to behave like AppStudio does. That is, I would like the camera to rotate around the point where the dragging starts. This is the default behaviour in AppStudio and also in the WPF runtime or GoogleEarth when you right click on a point and move the mouse. Right now, my Xamarin implementation simply changes the pitch while staying in the same place, and makes navigating the scene much harder.

I have tried modifying some SceneViewInteractionOptions but have not found a way to solve my problem.

Is there a way to change this behavior?


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Hi Santiago. The SceneView gesture controls do not currently support that functionality. For an alternative, I recommend using an OrbitLocationCameraController on the SceneView. You would have to switch to and from this camera controller through a UI control or other event. We have a sample that shows switching between camera controllers here: Choose camera controller sample.

Which Xamarin platform are you developing for?


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