Offline map .vtpk file size and download time

01-15-2021 02:45 AM
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Hello Team,

I am using ArcGIS for map integration for my Xamarin forms application.

I am Generating an offline map in my application referring "Generate offline map with local basemap | ArcGIS for Developers " using the webMapId of map authored in the web portal.

The base map is getting generated in the .vtpk file, but the .vtpk file size is very huge. For the map area of less than a mile radius, the base map file getting generated is 116 MB.

Can anyone please help me with the cause of this large size? Also, what are the possible ways to optimize it?

I am using Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Xamarin.Forms (100.7.0) in my application.

Looking forward to your response.




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Which services are in the map you're taking offline? Are you sure these are vector services, and not raster services?

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If you are using one of the Esri Basemap services in your webmap, then the downloaded vtpk file might be large due to all the fonts that are included for displaying labels with non-latin characters. If you unzip and interrogate the vtpk file, you can actually see what is taking up so much space. 

Try using the "For Export" versions of the Esri basemaps in your webmap. These have been optimized with a reduced set of fonts. For example :

In the upcoming release of the SDK (version 100.10), we're adding a convenient API to allow you to switch to the optimized service when going offline regardless of what is being used in the webmap. Check out the release notes for details.

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