NoSpacial Table Added To Map.Tables Would Not Raised The Event LoadStatusChanged

01-14-2019 07:28 PM
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A problem occured when I call the ServiceFeatureTable.LoadStatusChanged, It would not raise the event,

var serviceTable = new ServiceFeatureTable(new Uri("")) { FeatureRequestMode = FeatureRequestMode.ManualCache };

serviceTable .LoadStatusChanged += serviceTable _LoadStatusChanged;
CurrentMap.Tables.Add(serviceTable );

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Esri Regular Contributor

Adding the table to Map will not trigger table load, unlike when table is added as layer to the Map because it would at least try to render the features based on map extent. This is because non-spatial table is not in use unless you were to query it. Table will load upon query if you hadn't already explicitly called table.LoadAsync(). But in the case of ManualCache, this table will be empty until you have called PopulateFeaturesAsync().

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