Non-alphanumeric characters in task parameters and task URL for Geoprocessing service

02-25-2015 09:29 PM
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During creation of a workflow model and then exporting as GPK for runtime use in ArcGIS for Desktop:

- Task name, input and output parameters has no limitation as to what kind of characters can be used.

However when running a local geoprocessing service from the GPK, it was observed that:

- input and output parameters: non-alphanumeric characters were escaped as underscores "_"

- task URL - non-alphanumeric characters were escaped as ASCII characters (?).

However, when testing the possibility of weird task names, it seemed that, in certain cases, these task URL cannot be accessed no matter how they were escaped. 

eg: the task URL = "bb,.@#$%^&*()-+aa"

I had worked through most combination of URL encoding to find that...only / cannot be encoded - thus a task URL with / characters cannot be accessed. Is that a restriction on the ArcGIS Local Server?

Is there a guideline as to how ArcGIS deal with geoprocessing tasks URL with non-alphanumeric alphabets, or does ArcGIS Runtime has any helper class/method to handle these cases.

I am using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net 10.2.4, and thanks in advance.

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