Military Tools for arcgis in LocalServer arcgis Runtime

11-20-2019 02:13 AM
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I have created a geopackage using Military tools in arcgis, the geopackage i have created is RLOS(Radial Line of sight).

I would like to get this package and perform operation in arcgis runtime. when i converted the package to support arcgis runtime and run it. i was facing the following error

"Job failed. Job error 22 User defined failure. Error while handling execute geoprocessing task. Job error 400 Unable to complete operation. Error executing tool. Radial Line Of Sight : ERROR 000816: The tool is not valid."

Is there any way so that i can add the Military Tools in arcgis pro to the runtime local server.

I have added military tool for arcgis, addin in the arcgis pro

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