Local MBTiles ( C# Universal Windows Platform Application)

01-19-2016 11:53 PM
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May I know if it is possible to load a Local MBTiles file into the Dotnet Universal Windows Platform? So far, the only example I have managed to find is for Android API.

Any help and preferably with example is greatly appreciated.

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Was this answered, as I am having similar issues only with a WPF application.

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It should be possible. But we're currently investigating an issue with the tile request call backs for custom layers deriving from `ImageTiledLayer`. If possible, we intend to resolve that in a release later this year. 



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Is it possible then to use a MBTILES in the latest version of the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET?

The documentation doesn't mention it:

ArcGIS Runtime supports the following offline layers

  • Tiled layer data stored in tile packages (.tpk or .tpkx).
  • Vector tiled layer data stored in vector tile packages (.vtpk).
  • Feature layer data stored in the following formats:
    • ArcGIS features held in a mobile geodatabases (.geodatabase).
    • Features stored in a GeoPackages provisioned by the OGC file format (.gpkg).
    • Features stored in the Shapefile format provided by the .shp file and its associated files (.dbf, .shx, etc).
  • Raster layer data stored in a raster dataset file or in a GeoPackage (.gpkg).

Could you share any code sample to show how to use a MBTILES file with the ArcGIS Runtime, please?


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