label placement with LabelClass Failed in 3D Scene View

06-05-2016 11:25 PM
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I am trying to add  a Label over a simple point symbol to try our for a start. I have done this using the examples from the the

2D Map View. Which proves to be working very well. The problem here is when I create the samething over on the 3D scene the Label placement actually shifted as I zoom in the map till it disappear. When I pan the map, the label appears to archor itself to the screen position instead of the pictureMarkerSymbol which was created. I suspect the algorithm for the placement does not account for the 3D Scene camera point of view calculation. ArcGIS technical support please help to look into it and provide a patch soon, my work depends on this!

private async void MySceneView_SceneViewTapped(object sender, MapViewInputEventArgs e)


AttributeLabelClass labelClass = new AttributeLabelClass;

var labelSymLocal = new TextSymbol();

var overlay = MySceneView.GraphicsOverlays["SimplePointLayer"];

     if(overlay != null)


          labelSymLocal.Font = new SymbolFont("Arial", 14.0,symbolFontStyle.Normal,SymbolTextDecoration.None,


          labelSymLocal.Color = Colors.Blue;

          labelSymLocal.BorderLineColor = Colors.LightBlue;

          labelSymLocal.BorderLineSize = 1;

          labelSymLocal.AngleAlignment = MarkerAngleAlignment.Map;


         labelClass.Symbol = labelSymLocal;

         labelClass.TextExpression = "\" I am here \"";

        labelClass.LabelPlacement = LabelPlacement.PointAboveCenter;


        overlay.Labeling.IsEnabled = true;


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