Is there a decent enterprise or full featured example application?

01-21-2019 12:55 PM
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I've seen the .NET Samples solution where there are many small examples of individual features on display. And most of the ones that I looked at all have code behind and very surface level implementations. Are there any professional quality, broader scope applications that demonstrate how one might use several of the features in one "enterprise"(for lack of a better term) application? Something following the MVVM pattern and has feature layers, graphics overlays, and raster layers all working together? I'm looking for an example of how one "should" put together an application using 100.x as things have changed significantly from 10.2.7.

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I did see the RoutingSample by the way and that was the closest thing I've seen so far that at least shows an example of MVVM using 100.x. Thanks for that one. Just wondering if there is a more complete example like this.

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We do have some more advanced and polished example apps that showcase the API as part of enterprise-oriented workflows: Get Started with Example Apps | ArcGIS for Developers.

Also worth looking at our team demos repo: GitHub - Esri/arcgis-runtime-demos-dotnet: Demo applications provided by the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for ....



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I would recommend Data Collection for .NET | ArcGIS for Developers example app as a good source if you're looking for MVVM pattern implementation.

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Be warned, if you install the VS package (ArcGIS_Runtime_SDK_DotNet_100_4_0.vsix) the templates for ArcGIS Cross-Platform apps crash. After you create the project using the installed templates you must update the platform specific projects by adding the ArcGIS platform specific NuGet packages.

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