How to make ImageService mosaic in new 100.x arcgis

04-18-2019 06:49 AM
New Contributor

Back in 10.2 version of arcgis (example of java for android):

MosaicRule mr = new MosaicRule();
mr.setWhere("NAME = '" + file +"'");

then just add it to arcgisImageServiceLayer, layer to mapView and it's done.

On new version i can't find any way to load specific data from ImageService, using such structure.
Tried ImageServiceRaster, MosaicDatasetRaster.
Is there any way to make RasterRule that loads data by field ('Name' in this case), or write RasterRule with mosaic in mind (json example?)?
Or is there other way to fetch ImageService data(images) that meets field requirements?

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