Get closest NetworkLocation from a MapPoint?

07-17-2020 02:52 PM
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Hi all,

I am trying to get the closest road to a lat/long position.

The task is we are given a shape file which contains a number of routes defined by points along the roads. We load it then iterate along the points looking for Point N Road ID == Point N + 2 Road ID && Point N + 1 Road ID != Point N Road ID (i.e. the creators of the shape file either dropped a point on a interstate crossover or on the wrong side of the road)

If we find an incorrect point like this we remove it.

(there's also loads of other edge cases that we've found that require us to find out road IDs, which side of the road we are on, the directionality of the road, etc. I do not know if this SDK gives us that kind of low level access to the data?)

Thank you,

Richard Wood

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