Feature Layer Service cannot be created in code behind .net 10.2.3b

07-14-2014 05:49 PM
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Can create just fine on the XAML side but when creating from the backend see nothing and things like the extent, and some info has values but some still reporting null???


if you use the .net 10.2.3b example from github samples you can easily recreate the issue by running and from the menu bar select

Layers > FeatureLayers > Feature Layer From Service


also go in ArcGISRuntimeSDKDotNet_DesktopSample.Samples.FeatureLayerFromService.xaml.cs and under ctor uncomment the

// Note: code to create feature layer from a feature service

var task = createfeatureLayer();


p.s. I realize that there is the beta page for this but will not let me log in any more????

p.s.s Also cannot change color of my text from your site???

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(Updated following additional investigation...)

Sorry to hear you are unable to log into the beta community site - as far as i can tell both your logins are still active - perhaps you could try reapplying? ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.3 for .NET. If you are still having trouble logging in - please feel free to contact me directly (mbranscomb@esri.com).

Regarding the problem you are experiencing creating a GeodatabaseFeatureServiceTable and FeatureLayer - I believe it is simply a mismatch between the spatial reference or your basemap and of the feature service. I can reproduce the issue using the same service in the sample on SampleServer3 and for another service on the same server which is also in WGS1984. However, an equivalent service on SampleServer6 in Web Mercator works ok e.g. Layer: Wildfire Response Points (ID: 0)‌. You should set the SpatialReference in which you would like the feature service table using the optional overload on Open Async:


var gdbFeatureServiceTable = await GeodatabaseFeatureServiceTable.OpenAsync(

  new Uri("http://sampleserver3.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/Fire/Sheep/FeatureServer/0"), "", SpatialReferences.WebMercator);

However, the same approach does not work for the earthquakes service, therefore there may be a separate issue here.



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