Extent and scale of map is restricted by basemap layer

04-09-2019 09:11 PM
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I have a tpk file for basemap and some operational layer from local geodatabase (or mmpk file). So I create map, create base layer from tpk, add it to map, then I create feature layer and add it to map.

The trouble is, that extent of my map view is somehow fixed. I mean I can zoom out only to certain degree and the same situation is with panning.

I am enclosing simple solution with test data. When you run it you can notice that you simply can't zoom to topmost vertex edge of topmost polygon and that you can't zoom out to see all features from feature layer.

Setting min and max scale for a map seems not helping at all. It seems to be caused by FullExtent propery of layer. So I have also tried to set enlarged extent for FullExtent property of ArcGisTiledLayer, but when I dit it after load, it complained that it could not be done at this time and when I tried to change it before load, it was replaced after load.

Has anyone any idea how to deal with this?

Any help will be very appreciated.

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