Data entered in Sql Server show in geodatabase after several hours when create offline map

08-06-2021 02:01 AM
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When entered data in SQL Server and created offline map with C# WPF ESRI, this data not appears in geodatabase in real time. If I create offline map after 3 or 4 hours of entered data in SQL Server, the data appears. I am using next code for creating offline map:

// Create the job with the parameters and output location.
_generateOfflineMapJob = takeMapOfflineTask.GenerateOfflineMap(parameters, packagePath, overrides);
// Handle the progress changed event for the job.
_generateOfflineMapJob.ProgressChanged += OfflineMapJob_ProgressChanged;
// Await the job to generate geodatabases, export tile packages, and create the mobile map package.
GenerateOfflineMapResult results = await _generateOfflineMapJob.GetResultAsync();


How to solved this problem?


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