composite locator issue

01-30-2017 12:32 PM
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I have a composite locator that uses two address lookups, and a single field lookup against a custom intersection table the customer has created.  All of the searches work individually, and they cascade through correctly when I run the locator in ArcMap.  

When I use the locator in an app we have that runs in the .Net SDK, however, I get the following very generic error:

Error initializing locator services: One or more of the locator's properties is invalid

I would think that if the properties were invalid, they would also be invalid in the ArcMap version.  Has anyone seen this or something like it?


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One further update - I have seen posts that the .locb file is required, but it is not being created in my single field locator.  One of those does get created for each of the address locators.   I have turned on the switch in the options to enable Runtime output, but still do not get the .locb.  I'm using v10.3.1 Advanced license.  

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A colleague was able to point out that there is an additional step I was missing.  After creating the locator, I had to use the File -> Share As and drill down to share the locator as a runtime output.  


Now I have it running, but it behaves differently in the runtime than it does in ArcMap, in that the search must be more specific in runtime.  I'm not sure why this is the case yet, but looking at possible places where the search sensitivity may have been overridden.