Cannot create replicas from ArcGIS Pro created services

06-26-2017 06:18 AM
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I am curious if anyone else sees the same issue.  I am unable to generate a replica through the API for any service that is created in ArcGIS Pro.  These are feature services which use referenced data (not hosted).  The database is archive enabled non-versioned data following the esri suggested approach.

I create the service in Pro, go to Server Manager to enable replication and then trying to create the replica via the API fails. Always!.  I have seen this behavior on two different AGS/Portal servers and have tried using Pro 2.0.

If I use the same exact data and the exact same code but create the Feature Service in ArcMap everything works fine. Replica created and downloaded as expected.

I cannot believe this would not have been tested during development, so would love some insight into why I see this issue



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