Can You Make a SimpleMarkerSceneSymbol Click-Through?

11-12-2019 01:29 PM
New Contributor III

I'm using a cone to represent the field of view of a system on my map. It's mostly transparent, but it's there to indicate the area.

When I try to move around the area where the cone is, my clicks hit the cone and trigger the behavior where the 3D engine tries to move around the spot on the cone when I rotate, zoom up to but not into the cone when I zoom, and move close to but not through the cone when I left-click and drag.

This behavior is great for objects in the scene, but in my case I don't want it to happen for this cone. I'd like the cone to be ignored for the purposes of left-clicking, right-clicking, and zooming, even if it's under the mouse. It's not a physical object in the scene in my scenario, it only represents an area covered by the system.

Is there any way to make a shape be ignored in the way I've described? I'd be willing to switch to ModelSceneSymbol if I have to, but I don't see any way to do it for those either. Thanks.

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