Bing Maps 10.1 10.2.7 100.1

08-28-2017 09:21 AM
New Contributor

Currently trying to 'upgrade' from the original of the species 10.1 to .NET but experiencing gaps.

Bing Maps have stopped working in 10.1 due to Microsoft change from Soap to Rest. Is there any technique to access Bing Maps in 10.1 ?

Looks Like Bing also not working in 10.2.7 ?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Bing maps should work in both 10.2.7 and 100.1, as these are both using the REST endpoints.

For 10.1 you would have to write your own custom bing tile layer from scratch that uses the REST endpoint instead.

Since 10.1 is no longer supported, I'd encourage you to start the upgrade process (and if you're doing all that work, I'd recommend moving straight to 100.1)

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