arrowed line (arrow marker symbol)

09-23-2015 07:15 PM
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Hello All,

Would someone please share a sample on how to make an arrowed line?

I would like to draw arrow heads on top of my polyline, not triangles.

Please advice

Thank you in advance

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Are the arrow heads to be positioned only at vertices or at a constant distance apart along the line?

If it's the former then you may be able to achieve the desired effect just with a CompositeSymbol. For a polyline geometry you can add both line-based and point-based symbols to the CompositeSymbol - the point-based symbols will just be applied to the vertices.

If you would line arrows at a constant distance apart along the length of the line then I think you'll need to consider using the more advanced CIM symbology spec. We do have a basic sample (Symbols and Labels | ArcGIS for Developers ) but as far as I know, the spec itself has so far only been published as part of the ArcGIS Pro API Reference e.g. ArcGIS Pro 1.1 API Reference Guide​.



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Where can I find a detailed and valid documentation of the CIM symbology syntax? Is there an editor/plugin for an editor that supports writing this syntax?

Thank You!


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