App crash caused by ArcGIS Runtime .NET 10.2.6

06-24-2016 05:55 AM
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we had several app crashes caused by ArcGIS Runtime in the last time. How is it possible that the runtime fails without throwing an exception? Is there any workarround or something else to prevent an error in the runtime kills the whole proccess? Additionally it's very hard to debug this kind of errors, because the runtime crashes partly don't appear in debugging mode.

Windows event viewer:

Module: RuntimeCoreNETDesktop.dll, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x559db4d8

Exception code: 0x4000001f

Offstet: 0x000e0196

Process ID: 0x170c

Path to failed Module: c:\...\arcgisruntime10.2.6\client32\RuntimeCoreNETDesktop.dll

Do you have any idea to handle this problem?

Thanky! Bye

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The Runtime should never fail without throwing an exception, so it sounds like you've found a bug. To help determine the nature of the bug:

- Can you reproduce with 10.2.7?

- Can you reproduce when running as 64-bit?

- Please can you provide a self-contained reproducer app which consistently demonstrates the crash (based on what your code is doing and what the user is doing at the time of the crash)?



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it's prettey hard to reproduce this crash for us. Is there any built-in logging or debug option in the runtime?

Some information e.g. which method called before the crash or something would help us a lot to reproduce the problem.

If I can reproduce the bug it's possible to answer your other questions



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Has there been any resolution to this?

We have the same problem in a Runtime application as well. The reported faulting module is <application path>\argisruntime10.2.6\client32\MSVCR120.dll. We'll be setting up a support ticket tomorrow.

The crash is intermittent but has been reported by several users now over the past 6 months, and appears to be occur when the Map / Runtime is initializing. All the Runtime code is wrapped in exception handling, and the application itself has a handler for global unhandled exceptions, but no exceptions are ever bubbling up, it's an instant application crash.

I also found this link of another user reporting the same issue:

ArcGIS Runtime: application crash when changing parent of MapView in WPF