Hi everyone. Does anyone know if its possible to create overlaying fishnet for a polygon with Java runtime?

10-09-2020 03:28 AM
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I Google a lot and I keep only getting an answer for ArcGIS Pro Desktop version of creating a fish net grid for a polygon. If someone know if its possible to implement something similar or exactly that with ArcGIS runtime Java. I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks in Advance 

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There are a couple of approaches you could take to this.  One way would be to use Local Server to run a geoprocessing tool to create it for you.  I can see that fishnet is supported here Local Server geoprocessing tools support—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java | ArcGIS for Developers 

If you didn't want to follow the Local Server / Geoprocessing approach, it wouldn't be hard to to take the bounding box of your geometry and write some of your own code to create a fishnet.  You could display this in a graphic layer.

I'm not sure of your workflow or what you need the fishnet for, but do either of these ideas help?

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The fishnet will be used to later on calculate covrage for large polygons. 
I will use bounding box like suggested to creat my own fishnet. 

Thanks for looking into this!! 

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