Suggestion about pan , Zooming by mouse

08-19-2019 05:36 AM
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Here is some part of the FXML and controller code. Here is a Stackpane and ID. is MapPane and this stackpane contains my mapView but when i run this code i have faced problem which i can not move or pan / zoom in or out my map by using mouse. but if i use other stackPane means the parent of Stackpane (Id: MapPane)  as a container of my mapView, StackPane hide my move button. so it makes me confused and it would be great to give me an idea how to solve this problem. TIA

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It's likely that your second StackPane is intercepting click, pan, and zoom events before they get to the StackPane with your MapView. Keep the MapView in the bottom StackPane (id: MapPane) and try setting pickOnBounds to false on the second StackPane (id: PanButtonContainerPane).

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