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09-09-2019 07:22 AM
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Hello guys , 

I want to use scalebar toolkit in  my map application . there is any way to integrate arcgis runtime java scalebar toolkit in project without gradle or maven. in my project i dont use any gradle or maven .. there is other way how to use scalebar feautre in my project?

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Yes, you can download the jar from Bintray and add it to your classpath like you are doing with the arcgis-java jar.

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This Scalebar's Viewpart is created from logic part but in my project all other map controls eg: zoombutton, pan Moving Button is created using JavaFx Fxml and secneBuilder . can you give me some direction how to develope Viewpart using Fxml or sceneBuilder for ScaleBar toolkit for my map application. it would be great to get some help.

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It looks like currently the scalebar doesn't support being used from in FXML. Since the source code for the scalebar is available I think if you modify the scalebar constructor to have a named argument 

public Scalebar(@NamedArg("mapView") MapView mapView)

then you should be able to do something like the following in FXML

<MapView fx:id="mMapView" prefHeight="400" prefWidth="400"/> 
<Scalebar fx:id="mScalebar" mapView="$mMapView"/>

and it should now hopefully work.

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