C++ exception thrown when trying to identify feature

04-19-2017 09:44 PM
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I'm trying to hook up a popover to a map, so when you tap on a feature (part of a AGSFeatureLayer, loaded from the portal map), I'll show what attributes were available in that feature.

I've been using ```geoView identifyLayersAtScreenPoint:tolerance:returnPopupsOnly:completion:``` to try to identify that feature. However, when using that code, I get a C++ exception (attached). The identifyResults array from the completion block returns the correct layer, but the layer has no geoElements.

Are these two events related (the C++ exception and no results), or is there a different bug in my code?

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Did you notice that exception because you have breakpoints enabled on c++ exceptions? Sometimes there are internal c++ excpetions in runtime but they do not always translate into an error or imply something is going wrong. 

The fact that you are expecting results but not getting any could indicate a problem. Is the feature service publicly available for me to try out? Anything special about the data? what type of attributes does the feature have? 

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