ArcGIS Route Task for iOS

07-12-2012 01:39 AM
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Hi,I'm using the sample from arcgis online samples(RoutingSample) in my iOS app. It is working but with limited performance as if I tap "EXACTLY" on the Road then it calculates route other wise it fails. But i want to get routing from any place like from any landmark to other landmark. Is it Possible? because landmarks are not "EXACTLY" on the Road, they are on sides of road or we can say that they are a little bit far from road. In current state of my server it is not working, but if it is possible then guide me what i have to do on my server side or iOS app side.
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Esri Regular Contributor
Let me ask few questions, which will help you...

1. Which routing service are you using? From your ArcGIS Server?
2. Is network data used in the routing supports to and from locations of your landmarks?
3. Make sure that you are able to find routes for desired stops in ArcMap and you'll be able to do the same from iOS route task.

Hope this helps!

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