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03-14-2015 10:55 PM
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I am developing Android Application with ArcGIS Runtime SDK,

My application uses standard map function accessing the data from tpk is also uses GPS LocationService.

The application is for local uses and will not have any access to the internet, how I can Licence my Application

and which licence I need Basic or standard


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Hi Ayman,

If your requirements just for accessing the data from tpk and uses GPS LocationService in offline mode (without offline local editing or sync), You can use Basic level for Android. This license level include all functionality except :

  1. Local locators (geocoding)
  2. Local routing
  3. Local editing (such as geodatabase and geopackage editing)
  4. Local geodatabase sync operation with an upload

For Basic level, you can sign into ArcGIS Developers account then register your app to obtain a client id.
Thank you,

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