Improve default gesture for tilting camera in a scene ?

02-21-2020 04:03 AM
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I've been getting a lot of feedback from testers of my app that the tilt gesture is not intuitive, bordering on impossible to use for some people.  Most are struggling with the requirement to vertically-align the two fingers doing the drag motion, and are more accustomed to being able to drag to tilt even when their two fingers are vertically offset.

Also, many people expect to be able to tilt and rotate the view at the same time, but currently this is not supported by the ArcGIS SDK.

Does ESRI have any intention to change this?  Is there any way to modify the sensitivity of the gesture to mitigate these problems?


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I don't believe there are plans to change the behaviors, but the API is flexible enough that you could change the behavior to meet your user's needs. Just override the DefaultSceneViewOnTOuchListener like here:

arcgis-runtime-samples-android/ at 81a23fb7814cebe376bf3979a70a599c66742679 · Esri/... 

If your case, you'd want to override the onTwoPointerPitch motion event.

Hope this helps!


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