ArcGISLocalTiledLayer Zooming Question

03-05-2012 03:46 AM
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I have loaded a local compact cache using the ArcGISLocalTiledLayer class. The compact cache has about six scale levels defined in it's conf.xml file.

My problem is: When adding the tiles to my Android map, if I zoom in past the lowest scale, the tiles will disappear. Even though scale data is unavailable at very closely zoomed in levels, I would still like the tile layer to be visible, no matter how pixelated they may get. Is there an option to turn this on? Typical ArcMap behavior will still display the tiles, albeit very pixelated, no matter how far you zoom in.
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It must be how the tiled cache was created. However, best practice is to limit the zoom-in level to the last base map level that has visible data. You can either do that when you create the service using scale dependent rendering. Or, if you want to control this on the client app, I outline a coding pattern in this forum post that should help you out:

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