Arcgis Android NASA GIBS TWMS service

04-27-2016 04:45 AM
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I would like to use the TWMS service from NASA GIBS API in the with Android ArcGIS SDK. The link is below.

I have tried it with ArcGISTiledMapService and WMSLayer, but have not had any success.

The KML service, works correctly and I get the result, but I cannot trim it to certain geometries.

Any suggestions of how to use the TWMS service?

Thank you.

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We have only had success with the KML files.  We must add the KML files to the map before the basemap to keep the Mercator projection for the KML files to render properly. 

Have you found a solution for the TWMS service or WMS Layer yet? 

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I have not been able to do the TWMS or WMS layer either.

Just the KML.

If I manage to find a way I will update.

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