Allow editing layer connexion with socials medias (facebook, twiter...) without to be member of arcgis group

12-26-2015 05:18 AM
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I have create a map and i'm sharing it through an android app. I have allow the editing of one layer by the public.

But i would know who is editing my feature, so i would people connect themselves with socials medias before to be allowed to edit the layer. How i can do that?

Thanks before

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I believe that you would need to register your app with their developers site for the respective provider:

Facebook Developers - Facebook for Developers

Try Sign-In for Android  |       Google Sign-In for Android  |       Google Developers

Twitter Developers

Then I would believe that you would want to follow the guide located here (Designed for google):

Integrating Google Sign-In into Your Android App  |  Google Sign-In for Android  |  Google Developer...

Once you get the sign in result after logging in, you could then allow the Map activity to start.  This is noted in step 2 of the documentation.

You could then plug into your field some identifying feature that describes the user.  For google, you could use GoogleeSignInAccount.getDisplayName();  More samples are found in the documentation located here:

Getting Profile Information  |  Google Sign-In for Android  |  Google Developers

I hope this helps!