Editing scenarios with complex route shapes

11-22-2019 04:06 PM
Esri Contributor

Hi Everyone,

We're beginning to work on support for editing complex route shapes within Roads and Highways and want to make sure we cover the editing scenarios you'll have with these types of routes in your data.

What we're asking is for you to provide us examples of the edits you've made in the past and expect to make in the future to complex route shapes.  This includes routes like loops, lollipops (cul de sacs), alpha (self intersecting), branch, barbell, and other complex route shapes.

Please include in your examples what type of route, what type of edit, and where on the route is impacted (for example, do you edit the loop portion of a lollipop or just the stick portion).

You can reply to this post or if you'd prefer email me your examples (neasley@esri.com).

Thanks in advance for providing these examples to assist us with supporting these types of routes in the software.


Esri Roads and Highways Team

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