Ability to digitize a centerline and create a new route in a single workflow in Roads & Hwys Desktop

12-31-2014 12:33 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
ArcGIS Desktop - Roads & Highways Extension enhancement request. The ability to create a centerline and create a new route is available in Roads & Hwys Desktop. However, in an effort to reduce the number of mouse-clicks a user needs to do in order to do common functions would help speed up the rate at which new data can be entered into the software that all DOT's would benefit from. One of the more common data entry tasks is to add new routes to the system (e.g., a new subdivision). When digitizing a new centerline(s), it would aid the data entry efficiency if that action can (configurable) automatically jump into the creation of a new route (e.g., create new route window). A simple checkbox (or similar) where the editor can digitize a centerline and create a route would reduce the number of clicks required by the current workflow. Request based on experience with 10.2.2 patch 1 and earlier versions.