unable to use the generated token on the http request

07-13-2017 06:01 AM
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i have tried to create a token using get request like this:


i get a token as a response 


I copied to token into the http request

https://geoenrich.arcgis.com/arcgis/rest/services/World/geoenrichmentserver/Geoenrichment/Enrich?stu...[{"geometry":{"x": -122.435, "y": 37.785} ,"areaType":"RingBuffer", "bufferUnits":"esriMiles", "bufferRadii":[1,3,5] }] &analysisvariables=[{"KeyGlobalFacts.TOTPOP","itemid":"YourItemID","url":"www.arcgis.com","token":"???-??-JVXl73TwrkGdHN_UCe0RqzMAg8LzSOrg.."}]&f=pjson

and got the response :

      "error" :

                "code" : 401,
                  "message" : "You do not have permissions to use this resource.",
                    "details" : [ ]

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Hi Jude,

It looks like your token is valid, however, your account doesn't have permissions to use Geoenrichment. Do you know what role your account has? Is it at least a publisher role? We'll need to have your org administrator check your role to see if you have permissions. It may be that you only have a user role or a custom role without permissions for Geoenrichment. 


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