QueryRelatedRecords Set RelationshipID

02-01-2019 09:06 AM
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We are querying the REST API with QueryRelatedRecords.   


The REST API is used to access the relationships. Here’s a sample query I send to the Map Service:

[Map Service Root]/MapServer/17/queryRelatedRecords?objectIds=1234&relationshipId=1&outFields=*&f=json


Where “/17/” is the layer number and “relationshipID=1”.  Our developer hardwired this into the code.   Somewhere along the lines the realtionshipID seems to have changed.   Is there a way we can set this when publishing the service?   There are actually no format relationship classes within ArcSDE created right now and the relationships are phyiscally created within Oracle.

Can you control and specifcally set RelationshipIds are set to when publishing the services?

Note again:  No formal ESRI Relationship Classes defined, only defined within Oracle directly.

Thank you.

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