Join, Find operation and no results

06-14-2012 05:33 AM
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we have data stored in SQL Server 2008 64 bit, and arcsde 64 bit 10.03.
we published a map service which includes a join (a feature class and a non spatial table) with "keep only matching records" option. All looked good, however when clients try to use Find operation in REST API, it returns "no result" regardless of the keyword.
I tested publishing same scenario from personal geodatabase, and it worked!
I also tested same data from SQL Server using Arcgis 10.1 Pre-release , it worked.

So, is this a bug in Arcgis Server 10.0X or is there something wrong with configuration etc? Has anybody experienced a similar behaviour?

Searching the forum revealed that there was the same bug with find tool in Arcgis Desktop 9.3 (which was fixed) in the past.

NIM012496 - Find tool does not return any records from joined fields, if Join is done with 'Keep only macthing records'.

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