How can we access analysis services using pay-as-you-go and API keys?

10-16-2021 06:16 AM
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I try to access the spatial analysis (e.g. aggregate points) like they show here Programmatically accessing analysis services with my essential developer subscription. My ArcGIS Online organization/subscription only offers to bind an API key to the default location-based services. By using the map viewer, I can estimate the credits costs for aggregate points. With the pay-as-you-go option enabled, I cannot see any credits usage nor consumption. I am the administrator of the ArcGIS Online organization/subscription and I am bound to the Creator user type.

Developer Dashboard configure service to an existing API Key:



The ArcGIS Rest API describe portals endpoint does not show any "analysis" entry in the "helperServices" section.



Are we missing any configuration step for activating "spatial analysis" with a pay-as-you go activated essential developer subscription?

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