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08-22-2013 07:19 AM
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HI All,

  I have posted the same question in javascript section but later felt this would be appropriate forum section.Below is my query.

   We want to use ArcGis in our application.We have some requirement where when user selects country the country should be highligthed.I should be able to display popup.I feel this could be done using ArcGis provided there are services available.

I am not finding a service which suits my requirement.I just need service which will give me country name (2 letter), that is I should be able identify a country by using 2 letter world ex UK united Kingdom.When i click on country i shoud be able to get the country name clicked , also i should be able to select or highlight a country programmitically , something like dojo.byId('us) then i will get the country object or any other object then highlight it.

Is this service available , if not is there an alternative.Can i develop my own rest service where i can fill this functionalities.

I have complete licence of Arcgis .ie Desktop and server.

Please help me on this.
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Unfortunately Esri doesn't provide global country service through ArcGIS Online. There are several services in ArcGIS Online (like with country geometries but if those are reliable, that is hard to say.

When you have bought ArcMap, you should have DVD that several data sets including contains country boundaries. I'm not sure about the licensing on that data but you might be able to publish it in your ArcGIS Server or in ArcGIS Online to get the information that you need.
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