Curated list of 1,400+ USA-based government ArcGIS servers

02-24-2019 04:37 AM
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Thought people here might be interested in the list of ArcGIS server addresses that I curate. The list is focused on USA-based government ArcGIS servers. There are currently 1,400+ addresses from the federal level down to the city level.

Note that the list is mainly focused on ArcGIS servers, not portals.

I wrote code that automatically scans the list once per week and tests each address. Any dead links will promptly be fixed or removed.

The next update will be posted February 26 or 27 and will add another 100+ server addresses.

You can find the list at:

Joseph Elfelt
Redmond, WA
Twitter: @mappingsupport

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This is amazing. Thanks for sharing this! I am bookmarking this for later use.

One suggestion, this thread might be best formulated as a blog post (or maybe a "document" - with a document, I think people can mark it as helpful) instead of question post. Either way, I'm excited to have this resource! Do you take suggestions on adding new governments/cities/counties etc.?

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Thanks for the kind words. 

The next update to the list will be posted Feb 27 with 100+ new servers added.

Yes, if you have additional addresses for USA-based government ArcGIS servers please send them my way.

I am looking for root addresses ending in "rest/services".

Contact page:

Despite my best efforts to explain the intent of my list, well meaning people keep sending me portal addresses.  Sigh.

I will post a GeoNet 'document' later today.  Good idea.

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I just published this content as a blog post.

Now I would like to delete this question but do not see any delete button.

Hey mods - please help me out and  nuke this question.

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Great list!  

You should be able to deleted this post from the "Actions" pulldown in the upper right corner.  If not, one of us can do it for you.

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If I did things right I marked this question as "outdated" and included a link to my blog post with the same content.

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That seems to work.  It was very slow on my end, but I think that is my network, not the forum.

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I just got lost for the better part of an hour wandering thru a fraction of the servers on your list.   You're good to have put it together and opened it up to everyone.  I've got to believe that it will hook a lot of data users up with data suppliers, put their data to much wider use, and give us all more value out of our tax funded GIS efforts.  Hats off!

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