Buffer Tool - Measure Distance difference...

04-08-2013 12:56 PM
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We are seeing differences between the Measure and Buffer Distance when using the Geometry Service.

It appears the measure is correct.. but not the buffer distance...

Here is one sample.

The Oklahoma Panhandle is approx 37 miles tall...using the measure tool and confirming w/ other sources...

However our buffer is about 20% smaller when we try to buffer 37 miles.

Our buffer call looks something like this..

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I see from buffer call that you use 102100 but measure on 102100 it is not acceptable for measurements see http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2010/03/05/measuring-distances-and-areas-when-your-map-uses-the-me... ( This is evident from the enormous dimensions of Greenland and Antarctica relative to land masses closer to the Equator )

However I see in buffer call distance=34
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