Rest API for Managing ArcGIS Pro Licenses

10-15-2014 09:49 AM
Status: Open
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The new licensing model for ArcGIS Pro requires managing licenses via ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. For customers with large and/or dynamic user bases this has the potential to be complicated and time consuming. Having a REST API would allow users to automate their licensing work flow and mitgate this issue.
We actually just talked about the same idea at work today. It would be a great way to automate or ease the way to distribute licenses automatically, since there's no concurrent license model with ArcGIS Pro.
The new license model is difficult to manage in educational environments like ours. We have hundreds of students that will be using this in the future. Their account and data will have to be removed at some point. They will need to get acces to an Arcgis Pro license. It would be very helpfull if we have acces to an api or have command line tools to manage users and licenses in Arcgis online.
For anyone upvoting this, please see the following Python scripts: 
They might provide the functions you need.
I work for a university too and we use the Enterprise login option with SAML. It works great, but only for creating named users. I would like ESRI to go one step further and offer some kind of switch on the organizational level where all new users are granted an ArcGIS Pro license. Since we have an educational site license, we don't have to worry about running out of licenses.

The second best option for us would be if ESRI could add a new "License manager" role that we could assign to people who adminsiter gis courses and gis managers at the departments. That way the licensing would be a lot more decentralized and effective.
@mats - you can currently do the second option you propose. An administrator could create a custom role that can only manage licenses. (well they could add may different permissions in addition to license management). See this help link:

With the scripts I previously mentioned below, you could create this role and hand off the work to this person. They could make a group and create users with appropriate permissions. I haven't done any work with SAML and licenses, but its something I can look into.

thanks khibma-esristaff‌, I was just digging around for a way to pull this kind of info this morning!