Provide option to specify time zone for fields retrieved by REST API

04-19-2013 01:58 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Our data is stored in DB2.  The timestamp fields in DB2 are not time zone aware.  When we query the data with the REST API, it returns the matching timestamps from DB2 with "UTC" appended.  These times in DB2 are not UTC times, but now the REST API is telling me that it is.  If I am querying this data through the JavaScript API, it converts that UTC time to my local time before it displays it on the screen.  In order to display it correctly, I have to convert the JavaScript output to UTC and then the time displays as it is stored in DB2.  It's misleading to be required to convert to UTC to make it display as local.  It would be helpful if I could configure ArcGIS Server to specify a default time zone on all of the fields that it gives me instead of having it assume that my data is stored in UTC.