QuickCapture: Prompt User to Use Map to improve accuracy (aka drag the pin)

12-23-2020 08:49 AM
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Real-world Problem: In search and rescue (SAR), speed is critical. In wide area search operations however, some field data requires more precision than others. For example, when describing damage to a building it helps the local agency if the point is on a building footprint. We want to help SAR Teams accomplish this without slowing things down.

Technical Solution: QuickCapture!

Technical Problem: Right now, we are expecting the end-user to follow step #2 below, to drag the pin. If they forget to do this, the point may be in the middle of the street or whatever location they are standing in vs the actual impacted structure. They often forget this, so we'd like to prompt them.



Proposed Technical Solution: Create a prompt that suggests to the end user, "Improve the accuracy of this point by "dragging the pin". This could be setup on individual buttons by the project author in the DATA tab (shown below). I am not sure what the new capability should be called, something like "Open map by default" and then maybe a small text box where the author can configure a short message? 



p.s. the same concepts above apply to Survey123, but it is a little easier to train them to drag the pin because we can add more text the layout of the app.

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Great idea, but I'd like the prompt to popup if the location accuracy is below a certain threshold. For example when doing site inspections that combine indoor and outdoor data capture, we don't want the users to have to move the pin when outdoors as the location accuracy is usually fine. However when they move indoors and the location accuracy drops it would be really useful to prompt them with a popup that says "Your location accuracy is poor - would you like to manually place the pin?" and they can do so.