Automatically collect closest feature

06-14-2022 06:33 AM
Status: Open
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While collecting data in QuickCapture, it would be great if additional data could be collected from one or many closest or underlying feature layers. For example, when performing a road patrol for deficiencies and a "pothole point" is collected, it would be great if it could "grab" the street name from the road network feature it's closest to and appended that to the collected point (or closest address, or the zone in which it falls, or ... etc.).
I realise this could easily be done post-processing but would be great if it could be done during actual data collection. I also realise doing so in real time may consume credits for geoprocessing but given that an AGOL identity is required to use QuickCapture, this should be manageable. To me, this is basic and should be available out of the box.

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